13 Travel Gift Ideas For Her

If you’re after some unique travel gifts for her you’ve come to the right spot. It’s tough to nail the best women’s travel gift for that intrepid gal in your life. They’re always on the go and live that “minimalist lifestyle.” I’ve been a full-time traveler for eight years now so I know what’s a bust and what will be a great travel presents for her.

These cool gifts for women are about making life easier while crossing the globe. With limited space in luggage, we can’t afford to waste space with unnecessary items. That’s the key to finding the perfect female travel gift, finding an item that makes travel easier.

Travel Gift Ideas for Her

Tinggly Gift Box

Give her a special gift of an experience rather than a material item with a Tinggly gift box. We’re firm believers in having experiences in life rather than possessions, it’s what has led us to this lifestyle and travel blog! Until recently, you could only give her the gift of experience by taking her on an expensive vacation. With the Tinggly gift system, you’re able to send someone a collection of experiences from which to choose.

Each Tinggly box comes with a catalog of theme experiences whether that be one for romance, adventure, driving, or even skydiving. The experiences are located in over 100 countries around the world so they can use it on their next trip, find some inspiration for the next trip, or enjoy something locally.

Tinggly even separates their gift boxes by him and her. There is a wide range of gift boxes specific to women, making this a fantastic gift! I particularly like the “Super Woman” box as it caters to the adventurous souls who would enjoy whale watching, river rafting, or a helicopter ride!

Travel Sheets

Travel Sheets

Travel sheets are really great travel comfort accessories to have if you’re sleeping in hostels or shared accommodation where you don’t trust if the sheets are super clean or not.

We used these when we were younger and didn’t always trust the hostel sheets. We’ve definitely been in situations (and two cases of bed bugs) where we weren’t sure how clean the bedding was and these things give us great peace of mind.

All this being said it’s best for travelers who are on camping trips, budget traveling, backpacking, or general adventure travel.

Hydro Flask Coffee Thermos

For those who need more than a little shot of espresso in the morning – so no matter what your day entails, you can quench your thirst with this Hydroflask travel mug. No more wasteful paper cups of coffee, although you can really store anything in here that you want. The twist cap makes it entirely leak-proof, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to add flavor packets to water, or sugar to your coffee, you can feel okay about giving this one a dang good shake to mix things up.

The double-walled interior insulation will keep your morning coffee hot for up to 12 hours, or your icy water chilled for up to 24. If you happen to shop around a bit more with this brand, the cup is also compatible with other lids, so you can mix and match to best suit your needs for the day. Extra bonus: get color-happy. This baby comes in a whopping 12 different colors. See more of our favorite coffee thermos here.

Travel Yoga Mat

I love to travel everywhere with my yoga mats. If your loved one happens to be a yogi know that often when traveling yoga studios can be found. We’ve found places to practice in places like Costa Rica, Bali, and Hawaii. I love traveling with my Manduka travel mat when I just want to do a couple of quick stretches.

The Manduka travel mat is super light and thin. It can fold up into a square and easily be packed away in luggage. I bring this in my carry on so when I’m enduring a long layover I can stretch at the airport. At $42 it won’t break the bank and has super grip technology for those sweaty times. You can also see all our favorite travel yoga mats here!

Toiletry Bag

Many women love to travel with an array of makeup. Without proper organization, their bag can quickly descend into chaos. Life is much easier for travelers when it organized.

We’ve gone in-depth about our the best toiletry bags, but a cute bag for women we recommend is the Yeiotsy cosmetic bag. This bag has a stylish design and plenty of features to help keep your toiletries organized.

Security Door Stop Alarm

This is for all the solo female travelers out there and is one of the most important gifts for women on this list. It’s a security door stop. The Sabre HS-DSA is easy to set up and can be placed under the door before going to sleep. If someone tries to enter your room at night the device will stop the door from opening and let our a loud alarm. A 120 DB alarm will be sure to wake you and everyone else up.

We like to take the approach of it’s always best to be prepared rather than sorry. However, everything that we’ve come to find in this world is that it is far safer than the news makes it seem. Parents you can give your intrepid traveler a gift that will help you and them sleep better at night!

Portable Jewelry Box

A portable jewelry box is a staple to my travel packing list. It’s a great travel gift for women as it’s something that is easily overlooked until it’s too late. It’s easy to break necklace chains or loose earrings in your suitcase or backpack.

Before I had this I was storing all necklaces and earrings in a plastic bag and always untangling them. An easy design with a few compartments will you keep jewelry organized and stored safely.

Infinity Scarf

This is one of my favorite travel gifts ideas for her. The infinity scarf not only looks great but holds important belongings actually inside the scarf. No more passports and credit cards in the purse, but instead safely around the neck in a stylish way.

Herschel — Strand Tote

Herschel Strand Tote

Another gift for world travelers is a travel tote. Hershal makes some fantastic weekender and overnight bags. It would be hard to write a list of the best travel totes and not include an option from Herschel, given both their popularity and the durability of their products. Their Strand Tote is a perfect example of a bag with all the elements you need as a seasoned traveler. It’s even large enough for those overnight trips – whether you’re an hour’s drive from home or taking a train ride halfway across a European country.

Choose from one of eight different colors or patterns, each one offering the typical elements you’ll need to store your essential items: an interior zippered pocket and an external sleeve. The bag has a little extra security when it comes to closure; not only does it zip all the way closed, but snap buttons on either end keep things extra secure and thief-repellant. Plus, Herschel, in general, is stylin’ enough that it’s no problem rocking this once you’re back home from your trip!

Dry Shampoo

As we get older we’re slowly becoming hippies. We love using Ethique products as they do not use hard chemicals, test products on animals, and offer a plethora of organic products. They’re also all about reducing plastic waste.

They have an awesome company ethos and we’ve never walked into one of their stores and been met with a frowning face. Of particular use to travelers are their shampoo bars, face washes, and fragrances.


If you’re shopping for a new pair of travel shoes, likely, you’ve already come across Allbirds on the internet. They’ve billed themselves as the most comfortable shoes in the world, made to fight odor, be worn without socks, and generally handle the demands of travel exceptionally. Those are all some tall claims – I knew I had to have some.

We both got a pair this month and love them. The feeling of wearing them is best compared to wearing a wool sweater – comfortable and cozy. They are so soft and will be our new all-around travel shoes. Allbirds try their best to source sustainable materials for their shoes, which we love. The style is also great, and they look even better in person than online with high-quality details.

Wireless Headphones

I listen to music and podcasts all the time when I travel. A fabulous pair of wireless headphones has made travel so much more enjoyable. While I’ve tried several different headphones varieties over the years Sennheiser and Bose have made some of my favorites.

For the active user, the CX685 is a great earbud as they’re washable, remain in your ear, and sound great. Check out our travel music playlist for more!

Amazon Kindle

The Kindle transformed the way we read books and now accounts for more than 50% of all book sales in the U.S. It’s the most convenient piece of technology for travelers. The Kindle takes up less space than a regular book and can store thousands.

We also love the non-backlit screen as it’s easy on our eyes and not like reading on an LCD screen. We recommend opting for the standard Kindle Paperwhite over the Fire. However, if you’re looking for a reasonably priced tablet it’s hard to argue with the appeal of the Kindle Fire.

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